ESPN “Outside the Lines” sets questionable example for journalists and reporters

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Immediately after the segment aired, Holder posted these messages on his Twitter account:

"I don’t think the local media is “scared” of Sean Payton as was reported on OTL. That’s a little over the top. Regardless of what ESPN’s OTL reported, Sean Payton and I don’t have this contentious relationship. I’d say we’re on very good terms. Do reporters and NFL coaches butt heads? Of course. Are we(Payton) at odds? No." reported later in the day that they contacted Holder and asked him if Barr had even attempted to contact him in regards to the “fear factor” with the local media.  Holder stated to PFT, “He did not try to interview me”.

In the end the piece was what appeared to be an unbalanced smear campaign on Payton.  Curiously, this report came on the heels of findings by the Louisiana State Police that the allegations Barr first reported on had no merit after an investigation that showed no corroborating evidence.

When Barr was questioned about the Loomis story after he first reported it, he simply said that it was an unnamed “source”.  At the end of the Payton segment, ESPN’s Bob Ley said that “Outside the Lines” stands by it’s story.

What’s troubling is that they have no other choice but to stand by it because they aren’t going to admit they are wrong even though they know that they are.  Ironically, one of the reason’s Payton was suspended was because he knew there was alleged wrongdoing in his organization and didn’t stop it or report it.