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New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Things to look for in tonight’s game

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4.  Tight end-Not that Jimmy Graham has to worry about losing his spot and David Thomas is in as well, but new addition Daniel Graham should debut here tonight.  We’ll get a chance to see the blocking ability that he is known for and see how well he does.  Michael Higgins also needs to showcase his skills to stay in the running.  The Saints showed they are looking for an all-purpose tight end not only in the passing game, but to help in run blocking as well.

5.  Linebacker-Jonathan Casillas has been slowly getting back to form, culminating in a great week of practice where he intercepted Brees twice and nearly had a third off a deflection.  He’s been playing like the Casillas that the coaching staff thought so highly of years ago.  He just needs to prove that he still has the hunger and the ability to stay healthy.  It could be the difference between him or Will Herring getting the nod at weakside linebacker.

6.  Defensive linemen-Rookie Akiem Hicks had a nice debut against the New England Patriots, so expect to see more of him tonight to continue to feed his drive.  Martez Wilson should also see more playing time at the defensive end position.  Also don’t be surprised if you see a few changes along the front line as far as alignment where defensive ends become tackles and vice versa.  Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo won’t show his hold cards just yet but with Turk McBride and Tom Johnson likely to sit this game, then he’ll want to evaluate more players.

7.  The fans-Saints fans have been buzzing about this game like it’s the regular season.  Not for the chance to show up against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but for the Saints.  The bounty scandal has only brought the fans closer to the team that they already were joined to the hip with and although this is a preseason game, expect Who Dat Nation to show up in force.  Also expect a some signs with the name “Roger Goodell” and a few choice words on either side of them.