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Two former New Orleans Saints listed as “most injury-prone” in the NFL

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Shockey was probably the most injured of the two and brought back the dreaded phrase “turf toe” into popularity.  The Saints did prosper when he was healthy and Shockey, like Bush,  helped the Saints to a Super Bowl victory as well as being a vocal locker room guy.

The drafting of tight end Jimmy Graham in 2010 spelled the end for Shockey as Graham proved to be dependable in the offense and with his health, causing the Saints to release Shockey just a short time into the offseason in 2011.

He tried to regroup with the Carolina Panthers, but could never catch a foothold and wasn’t brought back for this season.  Shockey was going to workout for the Philadelphia Eagles but he has yet to be signed to them or any other team.

According to Shockey’s agent, there are currently two teams interested in signing him but wouldn’t elaborate on which two.