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New Orleans Saints could benefit from having two Graham’s at tight end


If it would be possible for the New Orleans Saints to clone tight end Jimmy Graham, there is no argument that they’d do it in a heartbeat.  For now they will have to settle for another Graham that goes by Daniel.

With the recent signing of tight end Daniel Graham the Saints are getting some insurance in the veteran department as well as the blocking aspect.  That’s really the reason he was signed by the team to begin with.

But he has also expressed interest in furthering the career of Jimmy Graham by teaching him about how to be a better blocker.  Daniel Graham has been mainly a blocker for the past several years, catching the occasional pass when his number is called.

Jimmy Graham is the exact opposite and is used extensively in the passing game and sparingly as a blocker.  Daniel Graham recently spoke about his feelings toward his younger counterpart with WWLTV.com

"“I hope this year that I’m here that I can give him a lot of knowledge at the tight end position, help him become a better blocker and help him overall become a good tight end in this league.”"

Jimmy Graham had a big brother figure in former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey who both came out of the University of Miami.  The two were extremely close and Shockey was mentoring Graham until the team released him during the 2011 offseason.

Tight end David Thomas also gives instruction to Jimmy Graham but with Daniel Graham being a former 2002 first-round pick of the New England Patriots and his ten years of experience at the position, Jimmy Graham and the Saints could benefit in the long run.