Tuesday HBO’s “Hard Knocks” episode provides uncomfortable exit for Chad Johnson

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It shows head coach Joe Philbin on the phone prior to the meeting with Johnson pretty much making up his mind that they will release him even before Johnson has a chance to come in the room.

What makes it so nails on the chalkboard is that we know his fate before Philbin even says it.  Philbin looked very uncomfortable, drumming on the arms of his chair which echoed loudly.

There wasn’t much said by Philbin except telling Johnson that it wasn’t just the Saturday incident but that he wasn’t fitting in with the Dolphins and where the organization was headed.  Almost a “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation.

Philbin then gave Johnson the obligatory “do you have anything to say” which wasn’t going to make a difference.  Johnson simply stared the whole time looking defeated and broken before he thanked Philbin and left with a meager, unemotional handshake between the two.

What made the final five minutes of the episode so bad to watch was that you knew at that point Johnson was stripped of everything he supposedly held dear.  He told Philbin in last week’s episode that football was his life and now he doesn’t have that or his wife to turn to since she’s gone now.

Not that I’m trying to create a pity party for Johnson.  If he is guilty of what he’s being accused of, there is no excuse for it nor should any spouse put up with such treatment.  My wife herself suffered such treatment from an ex-boyfriend and I’ve seen the aftereffects of what it can do to a person.