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Tuesday HBO’s “Hard Knocks” episode provides uncomfortable exit for Chad Johnson

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The first thing on everyone’s mind when former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested on Saturday night for an alleged domestic dispute and then released from the team was would it be featured on the HBO series “Hard Knocks”?

It was and to be honest, it was quite an uncomfortable thing to watch.  Of course what made it even more uncomfortable was the details that surfaced about the incident before Tuesday night’s episode.

Johnson was accused of headbutting his wife Evelyn Lozada on Saturday night, causing what was described by police as “lacerations”.  Johnson stated at first it was accidental and then that Lozada actually headbutted him.

Lozada released a statement basically outing Johnson as the one at fault and then announced  that she was filing for divorce from him.  Johnson also released a statement apologizing to Lozada and to his fans.  It wasn’t a confession, but it sure seemed like it.

Of course the episode went through the usual gears and didn’t reveal the arrest until the last few minutes of the show as well as the now infamous release of Johnson from the Dolphins.

I actually thought that it would merely be audio involved but HBO promises all access in the “Hard Knocks” world and that’s exactly what we got when it came to that.