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New Orleans Saints Adrian Arrington running low on options as season draws near


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Adrian Arrington was having a great offseason and was a prime candidate to snag one of the open receiver positions.  That window appears to be closing a bit after news yesterday from interim head coach Joe Vitt.

Vitt confirmed yesterday that Arrington had surgery to help repair a meniscus injury to his knee that he suffered right before the team played in the Hall of Fame Game on August 5th.

Arrington did not play in that game and was thought possibly to be ready for the second preseason game against the New England Patriots.  However, the team was seeking a second opinion on an earlier diagnosis for Arrington’s knee.

Clearly now, the first diagnosis was surgery for Arrington and the team was trying to avoid that if at all possible.  Vitt let it slip at a press conference days ago about the surgery, then backtracked saying they were still getting the second opinion.

Arrington’s hold on the receiver spot with the team is looking slim now due to his constant history of injuries that always came at an inopportune time and landed him on the practice squad or sidelined him completely.

Now it appears that Courtney Roby and Andy Tanner are two players gunning for a receiver spot that Arrington was looking at.  With the season fast approaching, it looks unlikely Arrington will be where he needs to be unless he has an outstanding recovery and the team wants to hold on to him.