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Should the New Orleans Saints showcase their starting receivers during the preseason?

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With five games scheduled during the 2012 preseason and two games down, many are wondering what the starters for the offense are going to exhibit. The New Orleans Saints currently hold a 1-1 preseason record with both sides of the field displaying both strengths and weaknesses.

Most fan’s are longing to witness the amazing ability Drew Brees has to offer, as he has been restricted to short play-making times thus so far during the preseason. What we’ve gotten to concentrate on is the shakiness of back up quarterbacks Sean Canfield and Luke McCown.

The same scenario goes for Brees’ top targets Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham. These players are the top play-makers on the offensive side of the team and so far in the preseason he has failed to hitch on to any of these guys.

With all this kept in mind, it is only the preseason. The team’s starters have been used very sparsely mostly as a deciding factor as to who will make the final cut on the roster and who will go.

Another interesting additive is the fact that the replacement refs, which may or may not make accurate calls, have resulted in injury during the preseason. New Orleans wants and depends on their starters for the season opener.