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Saints put Bounty Gate, Eavesdropping Scandal’s in Rear View Mirror


Mark one down for the New Orleans Saints.

It appears that GM Mickey Loomis could have his name cleared after Louisiana State Police say they have found no evidence of a wire-tapping plot.

Allegations surfaced that Loomis had his Superdome suite re-wired to give him the ability to spy on opposing coaches radio chatter from 2002 – 2004.

The allegations came on the heels of the outing of Gregg Williams and the bounty program he had established while defensive coordinator over the last three seasons.

A federal probe is still underway, but the State police’s findings are huge boost to team moral, and one that help’s clarify Loomis’ status with the team.

No one knows for sure how serious Saints owner Tom Benson took the allegations, but it’s likely that had any proof been found that validated the claims that Loomis would have been fired.

That would have been a devastating blow to the franchise as Loomis is one of the men responsible for the massive changes that ushered in a winning culture and eventual Super Bowl Championship in 2009.

The Saints can move on, move on from the suspensions, negative press, and now cheating allegations. This is a team ready to put it all behind them whether anyone else believes it or not.

Most have written off the Saints this season — mainly because Sean Payton has been forced to sit out the year — but also because of  the multitude of distractions.

Record wise 8-8, 9-7, seem to be where many think New Orleans will sit at the end of the year. But that notion seems far fetched for those that know the team closely.

It’s the same offense run by Drew Bress, the same scheme that has been played since 2006, and the same steady play makers ready to show case what has made the Saints one of the NFL’s top offenses.

There is an emerging defense headed by new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, which has so far looked pretty stingy in the preseason.

Although no one can project a teams record, the Saints have won 37 of a possible 48 games over the last three years.

Don’t count the Saints out in 2012.