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New Orleans Saints; Loomis clear another scandal hurdle in eavesdropping allegations

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It’s been called “Eavesdropping-Gate” by media since the story broke but was called the “last straw” by New Orleans Saints fans.  Of course this is referring to the allegations brought to light by ESPN that general manager Mickey Loomis was spying on opposing teams by radio.

The official story was that ESPN had received information that Loomis had rigged a device within a press box that allowed him to listen in on other team’s communication’s via radio headsets between the years 2002-2004.

Although ESPN cited an anonymous source, the thought was that it was likely a disgruntled employee who, like the Saints claim in the bounty allegations, had a grudge to bear against the organization.

The allegations against Loomis came at a time during the height of the ongoing bounty scandal and the Drew Brees contract negotiations with fans looking for any piece of good news.

ESPN was blasted by fans for reporting such a story without any deep investigation and had even some media saying the network was simply cashing in on the Saints hardships, making the team an easy target.

The Louisiana State Police has stated today that they have found no evidence of the wiretapping by Loomis after Col. Mike Edmonson said there was an “intensive investigation” with “numerous interviews”.  Edmonson and his investigators worked alongside the F.B.I in the investigation.