Miami Dolphins release Chad Johnson; should they target Plaxico Burress?

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Yes, they also had Johnson on their roster but even he said that he learned to “Shut up” when it came to head coach Bill Belichick.  Johnson’s poor performance came from the fact he just couldn’t adjust to the Patriots offense and was unceremoniously released.

The difference with Burress is that last season he recorded 45 receptions for 612 yards(13.6 avg) and eight touchdowns compared to Johnson who had 15 receptions for 276 yards(18.4 avg) and 1 touchdown.

Although the Patriots had Burress in for a tryout, the game has changed for the Dolphins.  They passed on one weapon as far as Edwards was concerned.  This is one call that Ireland needs to make in a hurry to try to sway Burress to Miami.