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New Orleans Saints sailing in “The Day of Small Ships”


It happened at the Battle of Dunkirk, and it happened during Katrina.  Men, who, upon noting a leadership void in a day of decision, take to the little ships to rescue the stranded.

And while the leadership void may not be of anyone’s particular doing, the job cannot wait for a leader to emerge.  Kinship and team spirit take over, nullifying the loss, and set about getting the job done.  The need of the moment supersedes the egos of a lifetime, and thousands are pulled to safety.

I thought of these moments when I heard Kristian Garic described the sideline dynamic during the preseason games.   As the players left the field, they huddle up with the their respective units to coach them up.

Steve Spagnuolo recently referred to it as “quiet resolve.”  And while teams cannot function in this manner in the long term, the coaching momentum that has permeated the team can push it through this season.

It is not hard to believe the Saints will have a fighting chance to ride the crest of the big Mo throughout this season by standing shoulder to shoulder and scrumming one through.

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