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The parallelism between Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady


If you were asked to find any physical similarities between New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, you’d most likely find yourself in a state of bewilderment.

Although there is much correlation between the two strong-armed quarterbacks, you’d have to anatomize from the inmost impulse that both leaders use to dominate on and off the field.

Brees, when interviewed after Tuesday’s practice with the Patriots had this to share with newshounds, “The heart and the desire and the competitiveness and the love of the game – I see the way he approaches it. I’ts very obvious in the way he plays. I certainly have that within me as well.”

We’re talking about two of the hardest working quarterbacks in the NFL, who together, connected for close to 11,000 passing yards and 85 touchdown passes in the 2011 season alone.

Both of these ringleaders also share something else in common. Most Saints fans have knowledge of the situation that occured when Brees was transfered from the San Diego Chargers after a shoulder injury and looked over by almost all the teams in the NFL yet landing prolifically in New Orleans. Brady had similar woes, he was passed over time and time again during the 2000 draft until New England took a chance on him.

Together, the play rich quarterbacks go head to head on Thursday night during the second game of the preaseason. The battle should be very enthralling.