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New Orleans Saints players who will benefit from extra playing time in second preseason game

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Quarterback Luke McCown:  McCown only saw a few reps in the past game and he merely handed the ball off.  Hopefully the Saints saw all they needed to see with fellow backup quarterback Sean Canfield’s dreadful performance and will give McCown the chance he needs to make an impression on the coaching staff.  With second-string quarterback Chase Daniel putting good film together for a future starting job(with another team), the Saints need him to play well.

Tight End Michael Higgins:  Higgins came on the scene at the end of last year when the team was running dry on tight end’s and did a decent job as a blocker and on receiving.  He’s been progressing well in camp and made a good showing against the Arizona Cardinals the other night.  Starting tight end Jimmy Graham may be limited or not play at all due to a back injury he suffered in camp yesterday.  He could get a golden opportunity to cement his status as a third tight end.