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Willie Roaf Becomes 2nd New Orleans Saint to earn H.O.F. Honors

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Roaf joins a 2012 class of six and a group of 273 members that have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame in history. He was very appreciative of the honor and finished with words for his mother.

"“To my fellow Hall of Famers, I promise you I will always be a Hall of Fame teammate that you can be proud of. Thank you for welcoming me to this new team,” said Roaf. “Finally, to my mother, I did not become a doctor, lawyer, or a brain surgeon but I did become a Hall of Fame football player and I know you are proud of me. That is what matters to me most.”"

Always the consummate professional, it is good to see somebody like Roaf earn such a high honor.  He was a truly a “Saint” of the game.