Willie Roaf Becomes 2nd New Orleans Saint to earn H.O.F. Honors

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On July 28, 2006, Roaf retired from the NFL as one of the most easily recognized and best offensive linemen in the game. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest players to don a Saints uniform.

Taking a look at his Hall of Fame induction, there were many memorable moments:

Roaf started off with humor – “As an offensive lineman, I didn’t get signaled out in front of a large group of people very often. When I did it was usually a referee signaling holding on 77.” He also acknowledged the honor he was being presented with before thanking his father and his mother (who passed away in 2009).

Roaf, when talking about his parents, only had glowing words –“My dad always found time to be a part of my life. He only missed one game, and that was because my brother had a game in St. Louis at the same time.  My mom was always my inspiration. Her love and guidance made me who I am today.”

Roaf also thanked his aunts, uncle, and his children before thanking the Hall of Fame selection committee. – “When I was notified that I was selected into the Hall of Fame, I was so happy. I felt a strong sense of pride. I am proud to have earned such an honor. I am proud to be a part of the legends of the game.”

Roaf also acknowledged those who he learned from while playing the NFL. He cited former Saints players Ricky Jackson and Sam Mills among others, while praising the organization.-“I was blessed to have nine wonderful years with the Saints organization, especially winning our first playoff game in the 2000 season. I will forever be grateful to the Saints for drafting me.”