NFL offers New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma a Faust-like deal on his suspension

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Fans for the New Orleans Saints were treated to a victory by their team in the Hall of Fame Game tonight.  Another treat is when news came that linebacker Jonathan Vilma was offered a deal by the NFL to reduce his season long suspension.  Should he take it?

For Vilma’s league of supporters and fans, the immediate answer is “YES!”  However, something doesn’t sound right with this all of a sudden deal with the devil that really ends up being more of a plea bargain.

The core of the deal that is being reported by ESPN is that in order for the NFL to consider this, Vilma has to give as well.  The asking price is that the civil suit against NFL Commissioner be dropped by the Vilma.

The report also says that if Vilma agrees to do this, then the NFL would consider reducing the linebacker’s season long suspension to only eight games for the 2012-2013 season.

What’s curious is that nothing was mentioned about the same deal being offered to defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, linebacker Scott Fujita, or defensive end Will Smith.

Also not mentioned was a reduction for suspended head coach Sean Payton, assistant head coach Joe Vitt, or general manager Mickey Loomis.  This opens the question, what makes this civil suit so damaging for the NFL and Goodell that they are willing to cut a deal?