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New Orleans Saints Marques Clark heads down the road to an emotional recovery

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We all know the story of how Drew Brees “recommended” the New Orleans Saints pick up running back and return specialist Darren Sproles in last years free agency, obviously to “replace” the one time Saints favorite Reggie Bush.

And what a great move that has turned into with Sproles showing immeasurable amounts of determination by breaking an all-purpose yardage record last year.

And yet again this year, Brees has another “chosen” one on his praiseworthy list of athletes to work with. I’m referring to 28-year-old Marques Clark, a one time Henderson State football player who admittedly gave up any NFL speculation long ago, and in recent times, held the occupation of an assistant coach at Westview High School in San Diego, CA.

His story actually began in 2011, with Clark running routes with Brees, who does train during the off season at Westfield High. He finally caught the eye of one of the NFL’s most beloved quarterbacks after trying times working as a pizza delivery man, a casino employee and even in lawn care.

After those initial workouts in 2011 and Brees being fascinated with Clark’s God given natural ability, Clark went after his dream, following some words of wisdom from the Saints leader.

And yet again, Brees went back to Westfield High for more workouts and invited Clark for more practice sessions. He even worked out with backup quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield, who both agreed that there was something “very special” going on in the mind and body of Clark.