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New Orleans Saints get early evaluation in HOF Game; head to New England next

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On the defensive line, it shows the right move was made in moving Martez Wilson(#95) from linebacker to defensive end.  He registered 1.5 sacks and showed blazing speed.  Rookie defensive lineman Tyrunn Walker(#75) had a good night too with 1 sack and was constantly in the Cardinals backfield.

Most glaring observation is third-year, third-string quarterback Sean Canfield.  His performance last night was dreadful and his camp time has reportedly looked the same.  It’s a mystery why he played almost two full quarters unless the Saints were trying to cement a reason to release him.

On a non-Saints matter, the replacement referee’s need to be replaced.  When you snafu the coin toss from the gitty-up, it’s not the “everything will be fine” fans are looking for.  I guarantee you everyone was thinking of what would happen with a playoff or Super Bowl on the line.  Just pay the refs, Ed Hochuli needs to buy more protein to keep his biceps pumped after a workout.

The Saints will face a better test against the Patriots on Thursday night( 7:30 p.m. ET) while also practicing with them leading up to the game.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Arrington and another backup quarterback Luke McCown.

McCown was brought in to bring some veteran competition for not just Canfield but also second-stringer Chase Daniel.  With the performance Canfield showed Sunday night, it would be shocking if he received more playing time.