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New Orleans Saints Drew Brees says Roger Goodell “got this one wrong”

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently made some eye-opening comments concerning NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.  Last night on NFL Network, he made another statement about his feelings on how the investigation was handled.

Brees told King recently that players in the NFL “don’t trust” Goodell when it comes to a fair disciplinary process and that a majority feel that it doesn’t matter if they plead their case or not to Goodell, their fate is already decided beforehand.

When questioned days later about the interview, some said that Brees tried to backtrack on his comments by saying that they were taken out of context and tried to clarify what he meant.

Goodell himself answered how he felt about the trust issue Brees mentioned by saying he understands the frustration but in the end, he decides what is best for player safety and the NFL.

He also stood by the investigation saying the Saints did indeed have a pay for performance system with intent to injure, which he said translated to a bounty system regardless of how the team tried to explain it.

Prior to the Hall of Fame Game, NFL Network broadcast an interview with Brees that was conducted by Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.  Faulk asked Brees pointblank about his feelings he expressed to King in regards to Goodell.