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New Orleans Saints cornerback Laron Scott trying to make his mark and the roster

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New Orleans Saints cornerback Laron Scott may not be the next Jabari Greer, but it looks like he may be trying to become the next Darren Sproles when it come to being a return specialist.

Scott excelled in college at Georgia Southern as a defensive back where he finished his career there with 154 tackles, 48 passes defended, 12 interceptions with two returned for a touchdown, two forced fumbles, and two blocked kicks.

Another gleaming mark on his record there was his skills as a returner on kicks.  Scott returned 81 kickoffs for 2,257 yards with two for a touchdown.  His start last night didn’t go as planned at the very beginning.

Scott misjudged a punt which sailed over his head and the Cardinals downed on the one yard line.  He would redeem himself later though on the next series.

The following kickoff saw Scott do a series of quick cuts and spin moves that resulted in him having a 67 yard return that seemed to surprise and fire up the Saints sideline.

Although he didn’t have the exact same results(he was stopped in his tracks on one), Scott showed some obvious flash that if he keeps up could result in him possibly working his way towards special teams.