New Orleans Saints wide receiver Andy Tanner has his chance to shine

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Tanner’s ability to keep himself in that conversation as well as the rotation for reps during practice is just what he needs to do.  It’s what happened with another receiver by the name of Lance Moore.

Of course Tanner will be in a contest with Adrian Arrington, Joe Morgan, and Nick Toon to call dibs on the last few spots available.  Arrington, like Tanner, has been having a very good camp and getting praise as well.

The upcoming Hall of Fame game on Sunday could be just what Tanner needs to further his cause.  A positive to him may be seeing more playing time since Toon suffered a foot injury yesterday in practice and is said to be out for the next 6-10 days.

This is just the opportunity that Tanner needs to show that he can be a dependable receiver for the Saints or at least someone who can be used to contribute on special teams.  It is his time to shine or dim back towards the practice squad.