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Replacement referees to take the stage at Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game


As we all know the first football game of the season begins Sunday, with the New Orleans Saints taking on the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

And of course the Saints are in the spotlight prior to game time, including much debate over the “supposed” bounty program and the hiring of a team of replacement referees that don’t exactly have the best of resumes and cryptic competency.

These officials are going to have an interesting time keeping up with the pace of the game at the professional level of play, getting picked from minor college conferences.

There’s a lot more going on inside the NFL world and many mores rules then those on a college level. Even seasoned veteran referees that have been around 10 to 20 years will miss calls. This can certainly destroy the Saints game play if they are being watched under a microscope.

All this hogwash is happening because of the NFL locking out it’s officials. The last time this happened was in 2001, in which, the replacements worked during the last week of preseason games and in Week 1 of the regular season.

Although the league began acquiring the “replacements” on June 4th, the 2001 replacements had only one week to prepare for the NFL. This is really not enough time to gather all the knowledge needed to properly make fair calls.

Each side of the brouhaha has something to look forward to on Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game. If the stand-ins perform well it will give the league more authority, but any mistakes could potentially push Goodell to step up to the plate and allow the customary referees back in action.