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New Orleans Saints loss of starting corner’s opens the door for younger DB’s

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As reported earlier, the New Orleans Saints have temporarily lost their starting duo of cornerback’s as both Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson suffered injuries.

The team is currently holding training camp at their Matairie practice faciltiy.

Robinson inured his shoulder Sunday, and while he has still practiced on a limited basis to this point, yesterday marked the first time he missed a full practice since sufffering the injury.

Greer came up lame Tuesday morning before the start of scrimmages with an apparent groin injury and did not return to the practice field.

As of yet Greer has not been evaluated further by team doctors, but the injuries to both players appear to be minor and should not keep them sidelined for long.

But given the risk of re-injury both are being held out, leaving their playing status in the Saints upcoming Hall of Fame game against the Arizona Cardinals in question.

For now the Saints will continue practicing without Greer or Robinson, leaving the door open for younger talent to showcase their talents in front of coaches.

Marquis Johnson, Johnny Patrick, and rookie Corey White are getting their shot at running with the first-string offense now that the “1’s” at their position are down.

Free agent signing Elbert Mack has also been thrown into the mix with the second team unit.