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What will the 2012 New Orleans Saints offense look like?

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It seems to be a pretty safe bet that the Saints might run more to control the clock and have a more balanced attack.  The defense is missing a few key pieces due to suspension, and it would seem wise to try and keep them off the field as much as possible.

It would probably be too much credit for Carmichael to say that he deserves all the praise, but it seems like the Saints will keep the ship moving in the right direction.  Even without Payton on the sidelines, this team will be in good shape as it rallies around the coaching staff.

The New Orleans Saints are not going to look like a much different team in 2012, and that should come as a great consolation to Saints fans.

The coaching staff, as well as Drew Brees himself, will be greatly successful if they just stick to the plan – the foundation built by Payton – and we will more than likely see this team make a deep playoff run and be just fine in 2012.