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Sean Payton’s lingering words will coach the New Orleans Saints in his absence

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There are many stories regarding the New Orleans Saints hitting the practice fields, but what seems more significant is the fact that suspended head coach Sean Payton has never left his post.

What I’m referring to is inside the New Orleans Saints indoor facility.  Where once hung a large banner of the missed Washington Redskins field goal against the Saints from 2009, now hangs a much larger banner bearing a truly missed face.

Gleaming down on his team, coaches, and trainers is Sean Payton.  It’s quite an intimidating facial expression, and the words, “DO YOUR JOB” are written alongside the bottom.

What must run deep for the Saints is that these were the last  words that Payton shared with his crew prior to the beginning of his year-long suspension.

Although Payton has been absent since spring, nothing can stop the players and coaching staff from paying homage to what Payton has constructed since 2006.