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Learning New Orleans Saints offensive guard Ben Grubbs

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Watching the 2011 Championship game with NE, I noted our newest guard at 6-3 and 311 pounds is impressive.   He had good hustle and was quick off the ball, but like many of his offensive line teammates, he was beat by Vince Wilfork in that game.

According to ProFootball Outsiders

"“He probably had the best game of anyone in pass protection. That being said, he got stood up a few too many times in the running game. The Patriots played with good pad level all game and Grubbs struggled to match it at times. He would maintain his blocks well, but he was on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage more often than you would like.”"

Grubbs has a low penalty average overall.  From 2009 through 2011, he had just 2 penalties per season.

Pro Football Focus compiled the following statistics:

Overall: Nicks ranked #2; Evans #10; Grubbs #12

Pass blocking: Nicks #2; Grubbs #22; Evans #29

Screen blocking: Nicks #4; Evans; #11; Grubbs #18

Run blocking: Evans #2; Nicks #4; Grubbs #16

Sacks allowed – Evans/Nicks 2; Grubbs 4

QB hits – Evans/Nicks/Grubbs 2

QB Hurries – Grubbs 6; Nicks 8; Evans 26

Snaps – Nicks 1,177; Evans 1,139; Grubbs 677