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New Orleans Saints Adrian Arrington having outstanding training camp so far


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Adrian Arrington is in his “make or break” season this year, but so far it’s been looking good for him.

Arrington has been mainly a practice squad player since being drafted by the Saints in 2008 near the bottom of the seventh round.  He was brought in briefly at the end of the 2010-2011 season and then saw some more action last season.

However, Arrington has been an average receiver at best and never really seemed to break the mold like former practice squad player wide receiver Lance Moore.  Now might be the start of something for him according to practice reports.

The once bubble player at best, has reportedly had two excellent consecutive practices on Thursday and Friday.  Arrington is said to be “laying out” for passes and making catches he normally wouldn’t make.

It’s still early in camp though and rookie wide receiver Nick Toon and Joe Morgan are also having great practices as well.  It will be a tough battle at a deep position for sure, but one Arrington has to win.

Arrington has no choice but to win because this will be the end of the road for him, with the Saints at least.  He can longer remain on the practice squad because of eligibility and if he doesn’t make the grade, then the Saints will have to release him.