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Predictions for the New Orleans Saints upcoming season

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Week 12 – VS San Francisco – LOSS
This game could be close and likely will be. The 49ers defense is great, and it could be a letdown game after winning out West.

Week 13 – @ Atlanta – WIN
The Saints will be up for this game and even though the battle will certainly be a tough one, the Saints will take this one and run with it. Ingram could be a star in this game.

Week 14 – @ New York – LOSS
A Meadowlands game is always a tough one for opponents, and this one will be no different. The Giants defense could come up big in this one, and they certainly have the firepower to stick with the Saints.

Week 15 – VS Tampa Bay – WIN
Tampa Bay might be in shutdown mode by this time but will show up for this one. It might be tight, but expect the Saints to come out on top. Another huge game for Brees could be in the making.

Week 16 – @ Dallas – WIN
Romo always seems to make that crucial mistake in the clutch. That is what I see playing out in this one. The Saints have a potential to blow this one open, but certainly have what it takes to win this game.