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New Orleans Saints Vilma will receive support from current and former teammates in court today


As New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma heads to court today to seek a temporary restraining order against his upcoming suspension he won’t be doing it alone.

Vilma will have several current teammates such as linebacker Scott Shanle, safety Roman Harper, linebacker Jonathan Casillias, and defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis testifying on his behalf as witnesses.

Also scheduled to be called are some former teammates like linebacker Troy Evans and cornerback Randall Gay.  Another former teammate safety Pierson Prioleau joined the list of people who have submitted an affidavit for the benefit of Vilma.

Prioleau’s affidavit is very similar to the other’s who have submitted their’s like quarterback Drew Brees and interim head coach Joe Vitt.  In his affidavit, he denies the existence of a bounty program and Vilma’s alleged offering of a $10,000 bounty on former quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Brett Farve.

Also scheduled to testify for Vilma on his behalf are Vitt and head athletic trainer Scottie Patton.  Patton will give more testimony to the fact of Vilma’s current injury status to his knee rather than the bounty program most likely.

It;s a good strategy by Vilma to call not only current players but former ones as well who were with him during the years of the investigation.  Whether this will make a difference or not in the ruling remains to be seen.  The NFL’s attorney’s reportedly don’t plan on calling any witnesses.