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The NFL conditioning test requires some physical studying

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The object:  sprint to the first eraser, grab it, sprint back to the starting point, drop the eraser, then repeat the process in getting the rest of the erasers.  If we tried to throw the eraser over the line and not extend our hand over the line to drop it, we were stopped and had to start over.

We were required to do the test at least 2 times, or depending on how ticked the coach was at us as a class.  I used to hate shuttle runs but they’re actually great for cardio routines and I try to incorporate them into my workouts every so often.

For NFL players the stakes are a bit higher since it’s required for them, hence the slight anxiety.  Here is a breakdown of the test that Brees alluded to for players.

The test begins with the player at a designated start point(usually the end zone chalk line).  When the test begins the player sprints to the 50-yard line and must touch or break the plane of the line.

The player then explodes back and returns to the starting point.  The player repeats that process two more times or in other words, 300 yards done in six increments of 50 yards each.  That counts as one and they must complete that cycle two more times.