Several New Orleans Saints players receive a golden opportunity for conditioning test today


Today marks the day that some New Orleans Saints players may not be thrilled about, which is the conditioning test.  Players who can’t perform it are usually not allowed to practice until it’s passed.  Yet some playersfor the test are, shall we say, “golden”.

Straight out of the Willie Wonka playbook, head coach Joe Vitt engineered a surprise that Sean Payton himself would be proud of.  If you’ve read so far with the Willie Wonka and “golden” references and still don’t get it, the last clue word is “ticket”.

Yes, several Saints players have received what is referred to as the “Golden Ticket” for the conditioning test which allows them to skip the usual mandatory test.  But there is a price that was given for it.

In order for a player to receive the ticket or more accurately a pass, they needed to have perfect attendance from the Saints offseason and conditioning program.  Since it’s not really mandatory, Vitt gave the players a little something for their effort.

So far, players that have taken to social media to express their joy are quarterback Chase Daniel, fullback Jed Collins, offensive tackle Zach Strief, offensive guard Eric Olsen, kicker Garrett Hartley, and wide receiver Joe Morgan.

While the players may be itching to get back to work, they’d rather just scratch the ho-hum idea of the conditioning test altogether.  All in all, it was a very thoughtful and humorous idea from Vitt who is starting his duties as head coach off on the right mindset.