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New Orleans Saints open training camp today; Vilma on reserve/suspended list


The New Orleans Saints will open training camp today with much anticipated excitement for fans and a change in linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s status.

Vilma was placed on the reserve/suspended list yesterday which isn’t really that much of a surprise but more of a systematic move that will open up a roster spot for the Saints.

While the Saints haven’t announced any moves yet, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it can happen.  The Saints have the salary cap and now definitely the spot to do it with.

The situation with Vilma is becoming more and more dim as he showed up yesterday for court yesterday in regards to the ongoing battle with his suspension with a noticeable limp from his injured kee he’s attempting to rehabilitate.

Vilma later left in the same way but pretty much with the same results as nothing really happened in regards to any major changes.  He and fellow teammate defensive end Will Smith were the only parties present for court with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a no show.

The Saints will now focus on traning camp minus Vilma and try to shape their roster for the upcoming season.  Players will begin to report today with their conditioning tests tomorrow followed by their very first practice on Thursday.