Chad Ochocinco proves he’s a changed man with the Miami Dolphins


The always quotable and never serious Chad Ochocinco is proving that he is serious about his attempt to change his career in a surprising move recently.

In the movie “Old School”, actor Will Ferrell portrayed a man named Frank who tried to change his partying days when he was known as “Frank The Tank” with unsuccessful, but hilarious results.  Ochocinco is attempting to do the same as he sheds his moniker as well, but seriously.

It was announced yesterday that the Miami Dolphins receiver has changed his name back to Chad Johnson in a move that shows that he is serious about a fresh start with his third NFL team.

In all honesty, the Ochocinco thing peaked several years ago after HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series showcased the Cincinnati Bengals in 2009, whom Johnson was a member of.  His “child please” quote became the new “git ‘er done” for the next year and then quickly faded.

Johnson’s season last year with the New England Patriots was new for him because he wasn’t the showcased receiver and his numbers reflected it, with only 15 receptions for 276 yards and one touchdown.  This was the worst since his rookie year in 2001 with 28 receptions for 329 yards and one touchdown.

Johnson revealed that he changed his name to “reconnect” with himself prior to his name change to Ochocinco but also because of his recent marriage to Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives” fame.  Smart move on both parts.

Of course the real test to see how much Johnson has changed will be evident when he in once again in front of the cameras when the Miami Dolphins are featured on HBO since they are the featured team for the “Hard Knocks” series.