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Detroit Lions have parted ways with troubled cornerback Aaron Berry


In a move that shows the Detroit Lions are going to set the tone and turn their franchise towards more accountable personnel, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the team has cut cornerback Aaron Berry who has been arrested twice recently.

In an article written yesterday at Who Dat Dish (click here), the suggestion was that the Lions need to make an example of Berry for the sake of the entire team and for the fans.  It’s just surprising that they actually pulled the trigger on the move.

Surprising because Berry was the Lions starting cornerback and usually most team won’t jeopardize a position such as that this close to training camp.  The Lions have four veteran cornerbacks on the team:  Chris Houston, Jacob Lacey, Alphonso Smith, and Don Carey.

The Lions drafted three cornerbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft in Dwight Bentley(3rd round), Chris Greenwood(5th round), and Jonte Green(6th round).  Of those, Bentley is expected to put up some competition since he was a standout at ULL.

Though the numbers are there to find a replacement, the question remains who will be able to fill the role Berry had?  Of the four veterans, one must start the opposite side of Berry’s.

Also, if Berry had won the starting job over the others, which veteran will be asked to step in?  Or will the Lions have to rely on one of the rookies to have some major growing pains and step up?

I guess thes are things Berry should have been thinking about which is, how will my actions effect the entire team?  It’s been noted that Berry is on waivers but won’t likely be picked up by a team, leaving him in free agency limbo for a considerable time, possibly for good.