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As Expected Monday The NFL, NFLPA & Vilma Settlement Stalls


Owing to the stubborn nature of the NFL and other parties concerned there never was any hope of a settlement being reached today in the Eastern Division Federal Court in New Orleans.

Jonathan Vilma was credited with making a statement of hope that the conference would get something accomplished but it was not to be.

On Thursday the case will be continued once again before judge Helen Berrigan who is expected to make a long-awaited decision.

Will she or won’t she either overturn or postpone Jonathan Vilma’s season long suspension from playing with the New Orleans Saints?

At stake is a pretty large “chunk of change”, some $2.2 million that Vilma stands to forfeit in the last year of his contract with the Saints.

If judge Berrigan rules against Vilma the “second shoe will have dropped” and the Saints fans may never again see one of their favorite linebackers on the field of battle in a Saints uniform.

Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita will also be awaiting the outcome Thursday, for with Vilma’s fortune goes theirs.

The fate of all four men may rest upon the shoulders of Vilma’s attorney Peter Ginsberg.