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Will the plea from New Orleans Saints Drew Brees really help Jonathan Vilma?

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For linebackers, as well as offensive and defensive linemen, an injured knee means less stability at their position and also less power to explode with the short burts that they need.  Destroyed knees in football equal destroyed careers.

The NFL responded to Vilma’s claim of rehabbing with the Saints stating that he may still coordinate with the Saints training staff, just in a private facility and not at the Saints facility.  Meaning Vilma would probably be footing the astronomical cost of transporting equipment and staff.

This will only put a pinch on Vilma’s pocketbook who has already spent a great deal in legal fees and not to mention the fact that if he is suspended, he loses his salary for the season and is unemployed until the start of next season.

The affidavit’s filed by Brees and the others allude to this fact but also emphasize the importance of Vilma’s interaction as a member of the local community and the impact the suspension would have on that.

Vilma no doubt has been a leader not only for the Saints but the New Orleans community and helping with the restoration efforts following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, where his parents immigrated from.