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Detroit Lions need to make an example of cornerback Aaron Berry after recent arrest

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The Lions have been a team on the rise much like the Saints, coming from the bottom of the heap to the top of the mountain.  For the past several seasons, the Lions are mentioned as a team that will make it to the postseason.

However, Lions fans certainly don’t want to root for a franchise that condones players having the run of the place and no regards to rules and consequences.

The shame of he situation is that you figure Berry would be laying low with training camp starting and learn a lesson from his recent arrest. This will make the seventh arrest for the Lions with Berry accounting for two of those.

Berry is becoming to look like he is following the path of another troubled cornerback, Adam “Pacman” Jones and we know what Goodell subjected him to, a one year suspension.

While Berry hasn’t committed the same exact acts as Jones did, he is obviously in need of serious counseling before the situation spirals out of control.

Maybe the Lions don’t need to outright cut Berry from the roster, but they certainly need to send a message not only to their players, but to their loyal fans who have stuck with them that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.