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Detroit Lions need to make an example of cornerback Aaron Berry after recent arrest

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The Detroit Lions made a statement saying they are “extremely disappointed” with the recent arrest of cornerback Aaron Berry.  Now they should show how disappointed they really are.

Normally a rush to judgement on such an issue is not a good idea, but letting something go beyond the limits isn’t either.  It’s clear that the Lions will not have to have their hands forced in order to issue punishment to Berry.

On the heels of Berry’s arrest in June on a DUI, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stated that the Lions needed to hold themselves to a higher standard and be accountable.

Berry just put that notion to the test when it was announced early this morning that he had been arrested on three counts of simple assault and a firearm is allegedly involved.

Instead of issuing the usual cookie cutter press release that team’s do like, “we are in the process of gathering more information”, the Lions said that they were “extremely disappointed” with the news of Berry’s arrest.

How disappointed remains to be seen but Berry will likely be facing a suspension for at least multiple games.  The suspension needs to come from the team and not wait for a ruling by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.