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Tennessee Titans Kenny Britt the latest with a DUI; could be gone on depth chart


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has become the latest in a rash of NFL players getting DUI’s and it could spell a make or break period for the troubled former first-round pick.

According to 104.5 Zone in Nashville, Britt was arrested presumably last night after failing a field sobriety test at Fort Campbell military base.  Britt and another gentleman in the vehicle had just dropped a female soldier off when Britt was stopped and administered the test.

A frustrating note for the Titans since Britt has made a habit of getting in trouble with the law.  In April 2011 Britt was arrested after leading police on a high speed car chase.  In June 2011 he was arrested again for resisting arrest.

Britt met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss these arrests but wasn’t punished because they occurred during the NFL lockout.  A loophole that Britt obviously didn’t learn a lesson on.  This should make 8 times Britt has been taken into custody in his life.

This recent arrest could mark a down-slide for Britt with the Titans.  He is recovering from a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee while just recently having surgery on his left knee.

The rehab process for him has been a tedious one and combined with what will most likely be a suspension from Goodell, Britt could lose his top tier status on the wide receiver depth chart.  Recent first-round pick Kendall Wright’s name is being thrown out in the media as his possible replacement.