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New Orleans Saints set face two former teammates on October 7th game vs. Chargers


The New Orleans Saints will face many former teammates who left during free agency and are now ith other clubs.  An October 7th game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against the San Diego Chargers will pit not one former Saint, but two against their old team.

Wide receiver Robert Meachem left not long after free agency opened when the Chargers wasted no time in snatching him off the open market.  The Saints didn’t want him to leave but Meachem wanted to be a #1 receiver and be paid like one, something the club couldn’t do.

Meachem won’t be the only one who sees his old team from the visitor’s side with the Chargers.  It was announced today that former Saints defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin signed a one-year deal with them as well.

Franklin doesn’t have the history that Meachem does with the Saints and frankly his impact wasn’t as great in his one season on the defensive line.  The hype leading his signing created more of a buzz than his actual play on the field.

In fairness it’s widely known that Franklin was used to playing in a 3-4 defense like when he was with the San Francisco 49ers than the Saints 4-3 scheme.  He also battled a high ankle sprain for much of the season that diminished his play.

But still it didn’t hold true when former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said that 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis would be “crying in his milk” when the Saints signed Franklin.  In the end, Saints fans were crying when the touted defensice tackle didn’t pan out.

The Saints can only hope that Franklin performs against them like he did against other teams last season…very little.