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New Orleans Saints reported to have some nice space in salary cap

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Who knew that the signing of quarterback Drew Brees by the New Orleans Saints would bring joy to the fans and some money back in the team’s pocket.

According to a report by ESPN, the contract that Brees agreed to actually helped free up some room in the Saints salary cap.  At the time of the signing, the team only had around $2.12 million available.

Now it seems that after they signed Brees, and rookie wide receiver Nick Toon, the Saints have approximately $8 million in salary cap space.  There could be more, but will come at an unfortunate cost.

The report states that if linebacker Jonathan Vilma is indeed suspended after all legal avenues are exhausted, the Saints could have close to $13 million available in salary cap space.

This would be due to the fact that since Vilma is suspended for the whole season, then his salary for the season would be forfeit and therefore go back into the pot for the team’s salary cap.

Not that I don’t wish Vilma any hard luck or want to see his career hampered by the suspension, but having $13 million to gain some free agents especially in pass rush is extremely tempting.