Drew Brees anxious to test the New Orleans Saints new defense

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Although backup quarterback Chase Daniel is no slouch, he’s also no Brees.  So far the defense has only dealt with him and done from what has been reported as a excellent and refreshing effort.

Now the defensive unit will tangle with a future first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback in exactly one week when the Saints open up training camp and Brees is excited about the fact.  Speaking with Brett Martel of the Associated Press after signing his contract, Brees said this:

"“Camp, for me, especially now with Spagnuolo and a new defensive scheme, that’s fun for me because just as a competitor, you go through about a four-week period where you’re competing against your own defense and they’re scheming you up and you’re scheming them up.”"

It’s the cat and mouse game between Brees and the defense that makes both of them better along with the entire offensive unit.  Playing against Brees should ramp up the new defense under Spagnuolo and force them to adjust.

One interesting battle that will be anxious to see is the boastful challenge that newly drafted rookie defensive back Corey White made to Brees not long after he was drafted.