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Drew Brees anxious to test the New Orleans Saints new defense

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The one thing that really good for the New Orleans Saints is that not only do they have their offensive leader back in Drew Brees, but that he is itching to put the new scheme from defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to task.

The constant theme for the Saints in the past several years has been the ying and yang of their offensive and defensive units.  Like good and evil or war and peace, one can’t exist without the other.

The heavy blitz scheme of former coordinator Gregg Williams pushed the offense to be better as well as Brees attempting to find holes in the defense.  That magic soon wore off after opposing offenses discovered the “wash, rinse, repeat” of Williams defensive game-plan.

Also, Williams defensive playbook was reportedly very complex.  Former Saints defensive end Alex Brown made the comment after his release that it was difficult for even a veteran like himself to keep things straight and grasp the defensive playbook, much less an incoming rookie.

Now there is a new sheriff in town with Steve Spagnuolo who is famous for using the KISS method with his defense..Keep It Simple Stupid.  Spagnuolo also doesn’t feel the need to holler, scream, and curse at players to motivate or get his point across.