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Suspended defensive coordinator Gregg Williams makes a bold prediction about his future


Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams made a statement about his future that was close to General Douglas McArthur’s declaration of, “I shall return”.

In a brief statement to ESPN’s Elizabeth Merril, Williams’ said, “I will coach again”.  The brief prediction given by the indefinitely suspended defensive coordinator is quite bold considering his predicament.

Williams was thought to be on the verge of getting a lifetime ban from the NFL after the audio of his pregame speech where he told his players that if you “kill the head, the body will die”.

It was interpreted by the media, some players, and the NFL that Williams was encouraging his defensive unit to purposely injure players.  This included San Francisco 49ers wide receiver/kick returner Kyle Williams who was thought to have a concussion.

The notion that Williams could return, pending an evaluation by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, isn’t that far fetched since much evidence given in the bounty investigation has had several holes poked in it and it’s credibility questioned.

If Gregg Williams does return to coaching, don’t be surprised if he makes a return to be the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, a role he had briefly before his suspension.