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New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis: The Forgotten Equation

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He garners praise when players like running back Darren Sproles is signed and then blasted with, “Pay The Man!” the next turn.  Yet Loomis never fires any negative comments when questioned about team business concerning a player.

Loomis prefers to remain in the shadows much akin to a mathematical Wizard Of Oz keeping the Black and Gold Emerald City running for not just now but for the future.

While fans are celebrating the long-term contract of Brees, you can bet that Loomis isn’t relaxing for long.  He’s already thinking of next season and the new contracts that must be done for the likes of tight end Jimmy Graham.

For Loomis, the routine will continue as it has for his last 29 years in the NFL, a small bit of much earned rest followed by a return to his office.  With the curtain fixing to be drawn on him for half a season, hopefully people won’t forget who’s behind it.