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Thoughts on June 18, 2012, players’ hearing before Roger Goodell

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Ginsberg states Vilma had requested a thorough investigation and an opportunity to speak truthfully regarding matter in the midst of such an investigation.

­ Here we will learn of something that has been little reported by any other venue—Ginsberg describes an investigation conducted on behalf of Vilma (and one would assume the other players). 

Ginsberg alludes to the incompleteness of the investigation due to “gag” orders issued to Payton, Williams, Vitt, and Loomis and the NFL’s refusal to allow them to participate in the hearing. But hear his statement regarding the investigation conducted on behalf of the players.

"“But, nonetheless, Commissioner Goodell, we have talked to dozens of people, literally dozens of people regarding your allegations. We have spent months gathering information. And we have compared that information to your descriptions, your public descriptions as well as your descriptions that you took pursuant to your authority pursuant to the CBA, and those are two very different things …"

Sir, we have looked at the objective evidence as well as looked at the Gregg Williams videos as well as spoken to people. And we have looked at the statistics. We have looked at game film.  We have looked at penalties. We have concluded, and I think it is irrefutable, that there is nothing objective that can support what you have accused Mr. Vilma of having done publicly.”