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Thoughts on June 18, 2012, players’ hearing before Roger Goodell

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So we found that — because it was not part of anything that security did, it was ultimately found through the appeal of Coach Vitt, so the fact is that it is succinct.”

Since the Niphon material was presented at the Vitt appeal, it would appear to be exculpatory material that was not provided in full to the players. 

Next, Pash states the meeting will adjourn until 1:45 to accommodate the 72-hour evidence rule.  (This would seem to validate the 72-hour requirement since the NFL attempts to cure it. 

It would also seem to me the time spent in the hearing took away precious time as 72 hours is not an overwhelming amount of time to review evidence and thus the time spent in the hearing should have been added to the 1:45 timeframe. 

It ill serves the NFL that the hearing was called on a Monday and the evidence provided on a Friday thus making it more difficult for the players to interview witnesses and vet the evidence presented to them over a weekend.