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Players with most to lose from suspensions; Saints Jonathan Vilma and Packers Anthony Hargrove

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One prediction could be that the Packers are not going to waste waiting around and release Hargrove pending the finality of the suspension.  That would be the ultimate death-nail in his career considering any team that picks him up would have to eat the eight games when they sign him.

I hope this doesn’t happen to Hargrove since I liked him on a personal level and also as a player.  However, the cold business side of the NFL tells me that this is a very likely scenario since the Packers were blindsided by the suspension after they signed him and you really can’t blame them.

While the lawsuits being filed by Vilma and the NFLPA are most likely a futile effort, nobody can fault them for it.  Especially when so much is on the line for not only next season but for the future of that they want to preserve as well.