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Players with most to lose from suspensions; Saints Jonathan Vilma and Packers Anthony Hargrove

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Anthony Hargrove, who is suspended for eight games, appears to be in a more precarious position than Vilma.  He’s attempting to make a final push with his career that ironically started with the Saints.

After battling drug abuse and a hefty suspension early in his career, Hargrove was given a second chance by the Saints heading into the 2009 season.  His performance earned him Comeback Player of the Year and a Super Bowl Championship.

But for some reason, Hargrove languished the next year and then was not re-signed by the Saints in 2011.  He bounced around landing briefly with the Philadelphia Eagles and then finally with the Seattle Seahawks.

This season, Hargrove found a home with another championship caliber team, the Green Bay Packers.  It looked like he was on the high road again until the NFL came calling.

With an eight-game suspension, Hargrove’s sentence may have well as been the entire season.  Being allowed zero contact with the Packers and missing half the season doesn’t make for a good ending.